Cross-Channel Commerce(2015跨渠道多渠道营销发展趋势)

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Cross-Channel Commerce

Mobile, Social and the Internet of Things are presenting marketers with an interconnected web of opportunities and challenges - to serve up more meaningful and immersive customer experiences, Here's a data-driven look at the current state of consumer connectivity, and how emerging multi-channel trends are changing the face of marketing.

1、The customer experience as we know it is fragmenting across a series of channels and devices.客户体验,因为我们知道它是分裂在一系列渠道和设备
2、Consumers aren't just moving back and forth between these channels and devices - they are using them simultaneously.消费者不仅来回移动这些信道和设备之间 - 它们被同时使用它们.
3、Mobile is quickly overtaking desktop as consumers turn to their smartphones and tablets to marke purchases, consume content, and connect socially on the go.手机正迅速赶超台式机的消费者转向智能手机和平板电脑间购买,消费内容,并连接社会在旅途中。
4、Social networks have opened a whole new channel of connectivity, changing the way consumers interact with brands and make purchase decisions.社交网络已经开通连接了一个全新的渠道,改变消费者的方式与品牌互动,并做出购买决定。
5、Leading Brands are turning to social login to bridge the growing gap between channels and devices by tying all cross-channel user activity to a single identity.大品牌正在转向社会登录,通过把所有跨渠道用户活动。以单一的身份,以弥补渠道和设备之间的差距越来越大。


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